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Welcome to Moral Development Public School

Moral Development Public School has been established by Dr. Angad Prasad Mishra in Bihta. The School is Co-education Day Scholar English Medium School.

The main cause of evils in the world today is the terrific moral degradation of man. While the world has progressed on the material plane, it has degenerated on the moral plane. Religion and spiritual values have lost their hold on modern civilization. Educational systems have become lopsided in that they are imparting knowledge of everything but high moral values.

Moral Development Public School welcomes every innovative idea coming from any corner of the world. We promote close relationship between the home and the school. Suggestions from the pupil's parents are taken into action so as to improve the existing techniques and to plan for the future.

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From the Chairman Desk  »»

Children are not just roll numbers, they are unique individuals. Each child has a unique brain network that shapes how he/she absorbs and responds to stimuli. One way of teaching does not work for every child. We need to teach the way they learn, not force them to learn the way we teach.

Every child is talented. Schools just need to figure where that talent lies. Schooling is a time when the child discovers what he is good at. We should not make it an experience of finding out whether he/she is any good.

A School goal is to develop whole individual not just complete the syllabus. School is not an assembly line of syllabus exams.

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From the Management Desk   »»

Dr. Angad Prasad Mishra as a veteran medical practioner with experience of over 40 years in the locality of Bihta and the chairman cum chief functionary of Moral Development Public School has taken the lead to bring about constructive changes in the education sector.

Dr. Mishra feels that the “Empires of Future are the Empires of Mind”. Education holds the key to the progress and prosperity of a nation. It is a vital instrument of social change and hence a priority.

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